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Sean Foran - piano   /  Kari Bleivik - Vocals   /   Joachim Badenhorst - Clarinet  

Here's another example of the globalisation trend in contemporary music. Award-winning Brisbane pianist and composer Sean Foran - leader of acclaimed trio Misinterprotato - has formed the trio Vehere with Norwegian vocalist Kari Bleivik and Belgian clarinettist Joachim Badenhorst, to record this album in Britain. The music is tranquil, at times celestial, with Bleivik's mostly wordless vocals incorporated into the arrangements as a third instrument. Three tracks are Foran originals; there's a Scandinavian folk song, several ballads and a thoughtful reworking of doomed English romantic Nick Drake's Things Behind the Sun. More songs such as this, with lyrics, would have been welcome. The ballad Cafe is one with lyrics and opens with a hoarse clarinet over a flowing piano before Bleivik's voice enters softly, developing strength as the song continues. There are many influences at work in the collection: contemporary improvisation often with classical references, world music, folk melodies and jazz stylings. Piano and woodwind - standard and bass clarinet - work well together, exchanging ideas and sometimes dropping into counterpoint. Bleivik's voice, with her tonal purity, suits these pieces and integrates well into the arrangements. Badenhorst contributes substantial ensemble playing and empathetic solos, especially on the rich, warm sounds of bass clarinet in Unravelling, while Foran's piano moves in a fluent timelessness using restraint and subtlety.  -John McBeath - THE AUSTRALIAN

Nightlight -  Sean Foran & Megan Washington


Sean Foran - piano   /  Megan Washington - Vocals   /  John Parker - Drums   /

Sam Vincent - Bass   /  Chris Pickering  - Guitar

The Bell Award Winning Album for VOCAL JAZZ Album of the Year! 

Sean Hands
Sean Foran live _ Vortex
Sean Foran 2016 live
Sean piano electronics
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