As an academic, my research interests include improvisation, improvisation with music technology, jazz performance & recording, and contemporary music education.


The changing nature of jazz artists within the recording technology space  - Sean Foran & Lachlan Goold - in Riffs

The nature of the recording artist and how they engage within the recording studio as a technological space is changing.

The recording studio is an instrument and an artistic process, and so too, technology has enabled the musician to learn the craft of recording, embellishing their instrumental skills. With real-time audio manipulation becoming highly implementable on the live stage for a variety of instrumental situations, what creative agency is lost for the music producer when this technology enters the recording studio?

This paper presents multiple perspectives on how modern musicians in jazz-based performance styles are using technology to shift the nature of audio manipulation within the recording studio, with the analysis of a recording by both the artists and the producer.

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