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I'm Not Around - Trichotomy w Danny Widdicombe

The music just keeps coming!!! It's hard to get all the info up here... so I'll endeavour to write some more updates soon. For now... here's the FIRST single from the upcoming album BETWEEEN THE LINES

I’m Not Around’ tackles Danny’s inevitable brush with depression after dealing with the trials and tribulations of living with leukaemia for over 24 years. Fresh from another hip replacement (the complications from leukaemia are seemingly never ending), Danny is back on his feet.. and this recording has turned out better than we could have hoped. We hit the bunker in Brisbane for 3 days playing all the tracks together, shaping the sound, before Danny added some pedal steel to give it that extra touch needed. It's lush. Is it country? Jazz? Folk? Soul? Nope.... it's that's wonderful space in between all of those sounds. SO.. how do I hear this!?!?! Well, get it on all your streaming services here -

BUT.. more excitingly you can pre-order the album through our POZIBLE campaign. We've hit the target, so it's all happening, but you'll be the very first to receive the album on LP, CD, and Digital Download. The FULL ALBUM won't be available on streaming services for a while... that's right.. physical is FIRST! Jump on the campaign HERE (oh, there's some pretty sweet other incentives apart from the album in there as well....) You can also hear the track + order through our bandcamp page -

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