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“Lyrical expression in the manner of pianists John Taylor or Bobo Stenson” - BBC Online

“Guitarist Stuart McCallum’s compositions are exemplary of everything that is exciting

about new British Jazz” - Jazzwise

Located on different sides of the world, but sharing a similar musical pathway, COUNTERPART is the stunning debut collaborative album of the Australian pianist SEAN FORAN from the trio TRICHOTOMY, and Manchester guitarist Stuart McCallum, (THE BREATH, and SLOWLY ROLLING CAMERA). Indeed, Counterpart is an apt description for the similar lives and musical journeys these two artists take on opposing sides of the world, but their shared musical style and vision coupled with the uncanny ability to craft songs matching each musicians sensibilities results in an album of remarkable depth and beauty.

Ranging from lush cinematic textures to delicate piano and guitar improvisations, the album traverses sounds from modern classical, to new jazz, and ambient music. Deeply melodic, with rich textural interaction, the improvisations are captivating, Foran plays grand piano and synthesisers, while McCallum conjures a vast array of sounds from his acoustic and electric guitars. Sonic similarities to the jazz stylings of Pat Metheny, and modern classical sounds of Nils Frahm and Hauschka can be found throughout, with catchy melodies tracing a line through each song.



Although Frame of Reference moves away from the jagged, pulse-racing intensity of Trichotomy, it is no less fluent, tight or dramatic.  Foran’s desire to work with new musicians was, in part, a response to reaching for a more ‘chamber jazz sound’.  Throughout the eight tracks, tempos shift with pieces building and swooping with Foran’s playing both bright and dreamy.  Together, the ensemble provides sharp interplay while repeating melodies and cello accompaniment at times provide an anthemic, cinematic touch - rhythmic and hypnotic, but always with a clear melodic focus.  Indeed, Foran’s love of minimalist composers including Steve Reich, Phillip Glass and modern jazz masters such as Pat Metheny are evident in his compositions.


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The Band:  Sean Foran (piano), Stuart McCallum (guitar), Ben Davis (cello), Julian Arguelles (sax) and Joost Hendrickx (drums). 

Sean Foran  - Transmission Point

My debut solo piano album out on the wonderful Japanese label T-TOC. Recorded live in the T-TOC studio Ibarki Japan for studio audience. It features some of my work, plus selected standards and tracks from the popular music lexicon. Available as download or CD format

Sean Hands
Sean Foran live _ Vortex
Sean Foran 2016 live
Sean piano electronics
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