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Print Music

I'm steadily putting up some of my sheet music here... and will endeavour to get more out. But for now there's some available through PREPARED SOUNDS (info below), plus you can get some sheet music books as physical copies or PDF of the TRICHOTOMY and BERARDI/FORAN/KARLEN albums.

For Trichotomy, sheet music is available from the FACT FINDING MISSION and KNOWN/UNKNOWN album, and for Berardi/Foran/Karlen, sheet music is available from the HOPE IN MY POCKET and HAVEN albums

You can also find the sheet music to my album FRAME OF REFERENCE in PDF format.

Trichotomy have just released some new sheet music for trio + Percussion ensemble - you'll find that on the Trichotomy bandcamp page -

IMG_4527 2.JPG

Prepared Sounds


Some of my work is available in print music format through the specialist publishing company Prepared Sounds.

You'll find some solo piano works, piano/percussion duos, and a book of easy jazz-ish songs.

Sean Hands
Sean Foran live _ Vortex
Sean Foran 2016 live
Sean piano electronics
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