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Published publications:

Foran, S & Goold L. (2020). The Changing Nature of Jazz Artists within the Recording Technology Space, Riffs, 4(1). artists-within-the-recording-technology-space-lachlan-goold-sean-foran/ 

Foran, S. (2021). Pathways to Sustainability: Diversity of programming for audiences in Australian jazz festivals, Jazz Research Journal, 14 (2). 

Conference presentations:

Music Livelihoods, Griffith University, Brisbane -  2021
‘Patreon and Digital Communities – Alternative Pathways for Musician Livelihoods'

Turns and Revolutions in Popular Music, ISAPM Canberra - 2019
'Improvising with the Machine - a performer perspective on real-time interaction' - with Toby Gifford

'The changing nature of the artist within the recording technology space' - with Lachlan Goold 

Playing Along -ISAPM  WINTEC, Hamilton, New Zealand –  2018
'Live electronics and acoustic improvisation – playing with technology in performance environments' 

Interacting in and with Music - University of Rennes 2 – France, 2017
'Live electronics and acoustic improvisation – interactive possibilities' 

Rhythm Changes - Jazz Utopia, Birmingham, United Kingdom, 2016
'Live Electronics and acoustic improvisation in the jazz trio – new Utopian encounters' 

11th Australasian Piano Pedagogy Conference – University of Southern Queensland,  2013  - “Solo Piano in the Digital Age” – a solo piano performance utilizing traditional improvisation and modern techniques of loops, samples and digital textures. 

Popular Music Communities, Places and Ecologies – QLD Conservatorium, 2013

“The Ecology of Jazz within Popular Music”

Sean Hands
Sean Foran live _ Vortex
Sean Foran 2016 live
Sean piano electronics
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