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Music Livelihoods Conference Presentation

It's excellent to be presenting at the Music Livelihoods Conference -

The core theme of the symposium is “Educating for the Sustainable Musician in Post-Normal Times.” Postnormal times (PNT) is a concept developed by Ziauddin Sardar as a development of post-normal science. Sardar and Sweeney (2016; 2020) describe the present as “postnormal times”, “an in-between period where old orthodoxies are dying, new ones have yet to be born, and very few things seem to make sense” (n.p).

The term “music livelihoods” further acknowledges the complex lives of musicians involving their changing musical identities, diverse career journeys, and an external environment impacting their values and opportunities.

My presentation - Patreon and digital communities: Alternative pathways for musician livelihoods - uses case studies of 3 high level Australian musicians to ascertain benefits for musicians in engaging with this platform as part of their career trajectory.

The conference is online, and I think I'll put up a recording of my presentation at some stage :)


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